Changes by Dates & Versions



April 2017 version 3.142

         Payroll 2017 revised 941 form

         2017 Revised Federal & State Tax tables

         Increased Security and Speed for Cloud Backup by replacing Server Hardware & Software

         General Ledger updated Positive Pay for transmitting check details to bank

         Accounts Payable updated 2017 Ach Nacha file format

         Bank Reconciliation added New Debit & New Credit Colum Totals when reconciling

         Payroll W-2s for 2017 added option to print a title and amount in Box 14

         Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable added Import option


January2017 version 3.141


April 2016 version 3.140


January 2016 version 3.13.9

         Windows 10 compatible 

         When cloning a folder you can clone GL Chart of Accounts, AR customers, AP vendors, Payroll employees, Tax & Accounts Configuration & Tax Tables 

         Cloud Backup tries 5xtimes before terminates (we don't recommend using hyphens  or spaces (" ' : ;) in folder names 

         BLA2016 Main Page solid blue

         GL Check Register Report NEW sort by Date or Check number

         Payroll Updated 2016 Federal & State Tax Tables

         Payroll 2015 pre-printed W-2's & W-3 forms 

         Payroll 2015 plain-paper W-2's & W-3 forms approved by SSA 

         Payroll 2015 pre-printed 1099's & 1096 forms

         Payroll Quarterly Tax Summary Report supports 2016 

         Payroll Employee YTD support manual amount for Box 12D & 12DD

         AR fixed bug "Enter Payments" when paying all open invoices with one payment

         POS Module Invoicing Screen, fixed misaligned PO/REF field 

         POS email Invoices & Proposals directly from the reports screen to your clients

         AP 2015 pre-printed 1099's & 1096 forms 

         AP 2015 plain-paper 1099;s & 1096 forms

         AP Vendor Company Field expanded to 60 characters

         AP Form 1099,  Recipient Field, will print up to 40 characters 

         AP NEW ACH NACHA file creation. Submit vendor payments directly through your bank, thus saving you time money. No check, postage and envelope, and   prevents check fraud!

         AP Payments Journal Report NEW sort by date or check number

         AP New added Vendor Password (extra security to protect ACH Vendor Bank details)

         AR & AP Open Invoice report prints in landscape mode

         AP Selected revised Payments Report has been revised