We really appreciate our Bottom Line Accounting customers! Many of them have been using our software for over 30+ years. We receive many letters thanking us for helping them and how much they appreciate our patience and knowledge. We believe in going the extra mile regardless how long it may take.
"I found BLA an excellent Business and Accounting Software in the market. Asa CPA I would always recommend it clients who needed a software that could provide them with an all inclusive accounting software package"
   R. L. CPA New Mexico
"Thanks for the great customer service & software."
Gene Bunge President
Rapid Insulation Inc.

"I want to tell you again how much I love this program, it just keeps getting better.  I've used the program for years and always considered it the easiest and best accounting program."
" "I am a 35+ years user and ardent supporter of BLA. You guys keep up the good work."."
    Branch Hotel & Coffee Shop.
"BLA2019 is working great for us!  Thanks!"
     Long time user of BLA  R.F.

"The accounting and utility features of Bottom Line Accounting make this a good buy for business where powerful accounting help is as important as ease of use."
    PC Sources
"It is a simple easy-to-use accounting package that is great for the common layman with no accounting background."
    Ace Hardware Store - Colorado
"It is really an outstanding program for maintaining small business accounts. It provides all the capabilities that my business requires."
    L.Cain - Hawaii
"Our church is using Bottom Line Accounting for our bookkeeping program and we love it! We have tried other bookkeeping programs before purchasing yours and there is nothing as easy-to-use and complete as it."
    Pastor William, First Baptist Church - Texas
"Overall (it) is challenged only by Sage. But (its) price point and point-of-sale-module makes it the stronger of the two for inventory-oriented business and the best one of all reviewed packages."
    PC Sources