Our History

1985 Finance Manager II
1987 Cheque It Out
1989 Takin' Care of Business
1993 Bottom Line Accounting - DOS
2001-current Bottom Line Accounting - Windows Version BLA2019

First created by Hooper International Inc in Colorado Springs Colorado, the finance series was created as a result of our own basic need for a simple, affordable and workable financial-software package able to track income and expenses. Unfortunately, the price for available software packages was prohibitive.

Consequently, it became clear that we would have to create a new and affordable program which would eliminate the piles of receipts needed each year in order to compute income taxes. Therefore in 1981, Finance Manager was created. It was written for the "Atari 800" with 64K Bytes of memory. This program provided a single time frame look of the entire fiscal year, while storing all necessary information from the inevitable notes and receipts. If bookkeeping was to become a "piece of cake" this was surely a sweet start! In 1985, we released FMII, a complete small-business accounting package consisting of separate modules for the General Ledger, Account Reconciliation, Financial Utilities, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll. Hooper International Inc was one of the early members of the Shareware Association; they pioneered the "Try Before You Buy" concept. We still offer our software today under "Try Before You Buy" concept.

In 1987 we developed Cheque-It-Out for personal accounting. It was perfect for the individual who wanted to keep track of more then just his check book. In 1989 Takin' Care of Business was created, the next Generation of FMII an even more complete and user friendly accounting system. We added two new modules: Point Of Sale and Inventory.

In 1993 we completely rewrote the Use-Interface and created Bottom Line Accounting, our most successful accounting software ever. At this time many more financial software packages where available on the market, but BLA was so simple, but yet so powerful that our customer base continued to grow dramatically.

Eventually DOS was replaced with Windows 3.0 and we created a true 32-bit Windows version in 2001. We called Bottom Line Accounting, for Windows. We added Purchase Order and POS hardware interfaces to receipt printers and cash drawers.

Bottom Line Accounting has evolved from user's comments, ideas, industry changes and suggestions. We sincerely thank all of our users for their continued support. By purchasing our program and telling friends how greatly it helps them ease the record keeping burden; they have made it possible for us to offer enhancements and updates. There is no doubt that user support has put us where we are today. Our current version is called BLA2020 and was released in January 2020. We continue to release updates and new version every year. Our customer retention rate is 90%.