Why Bottom Line Accounting Software?

Bottom Line Accounting Software for Non-Accountants. We offer easy and affordable software and have the best customer support in the industry!

We don"t promise that you will make more money if you use Bottom Line Accounting, but we do promise that you will have easy access to the information on your own desktop when you need it. And you can get it in reports, graph or chart format. You can export all your reports to a spreadsheet program, Word Processor or Paradox to create your own custom reports.

  • Starting at only $149, it is very affordable and includes many benefits
  • Easy-to-install, learn and use
  • Completely integrated, all modules work together as an integrated system. Every entry posts automatically to the G/L module with any duplication
  • Designed for non-accountants but is a true double-entry system with complete financial reports
  • You can setup unlimited companies
  • Easy to find any transaction, and either correct or delete it
  • Update your own payroll tax tables and other payroll tax configurations
  • Print your forms W-2's, 1099's, 941's on plain paper. Plus checks, invoices, statements, proposals, packing slips & more
  • True Desktop Application, NOT cloud based
  • Perfect for any service company, non-profit, churches, contractors, & retail
  • Open Architecture - file structure has unlimited flexibility for
  • Choose from 9 different modules to create your perfect combination
  • Recommended by accountants and business professionals
  • Local or Cloud Backup to Secure Server
  • Single or Network version
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