Why Bottom Line Accounting Software?

We don"t promise that you will make more money if you use Bottom Line Accounting, but we can promise that you will have easy access to the information you need, when you need it. You can save every report in over 8 different formats so you can use them with Excel, Word and Paradox to create your own custom reports! You can even import and export information from Bottom Line Accounting, giving you complete control. You can just use our General Ledger module or add any of our 8 modules to create your custom package. Install BLA on 2 Pc's at no extra charge. Backup your data safely to our Cloud Server and restore if needed. Have a Computer crash need to reinstall? We will connect remotely and install BLA and restore your Data Files. You be up and running in no time again. New to accounting, we will remotely assist you in setting up your financial books and train you how to use it. Our dedicated Support Staff will assist you with any questions or concerns you have.

  • Inexpensive, reliable and double-entry accounting
  • Easy to setup and use & l
  • Completely integrated-no duplicate entries
  • Designed for non-accountants, but accountants LOVE IT too!
  • Unlimited accounting periods "open"
  • Allows corrections, adjustments, deletions for any time period
  • User modifiable Federal & State Payroll Tax Tables
  • Payroll prints W-2's & W-3 on plain paper or pre-printed forms
  • A/P prints 1099's, & 1096 forms on plain paper or pre-printed forms
  • Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10 compatible
  • Perfect for personal, retail, doctor offices, schools, service, churches,
    contractors, & non-profit use
  • Open Architecture - file structure has unlimited flexibility for
  • Choose from 5 different kits, each to meet your exacting needs
  • Recommended by accountants and business professionals
  • Built-In Cloud Backup to Secure Server (off-site back up)
  • Network version available