Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

Q. Why am I getting a key violation?
A. You are trying to enter a Duplicate Account, or your Indexes are not correct. Rebuilt indexes in the setup menu.
Q. How do I know which file/set of books I am in?
A Look to the top of your BLA2015 Screen but below your menu bar, the path usually starts with C:\Program Files\Bottom Line Accounting\???????. The ? represents your Accounting Folder Name.
Q. Why are the GL Reports not printing (exception error)?
A. Check your chart of accounts make sure it displays valid account numbers (menu G/L, Chart of Accounts).  Delete any blank lines.
Q. Why do the AR statements print even when "Print zero balance Accounts" is Un-Checked?
A. In AR, under Utilities Menu, System Configuration Settings go to System, check the box for ￿Skip Statement for Zero Ending Balances￿.
Q. How do I eliminate the logo or signature printing on checks?
A. Under check writing in that module insert a ZERO in both row and column.
Q. I just paid a check in AP or Payroll, why does it not show in GL?
A. Index must be corrupt.  Rebuilt indexes in the setup menu.
Q. Why do I only see the 1st page of my report on the screen?
A. Click the Next or Last button on the top of the report window.
Q. Why does the right side of my reports get cut off?
A. You have a incorrect/outdated Printer driver.
Q. How do I print my reports in black and white with a color printer?
A. Change your printer configuration to Black & White in Windows printer configuration.
Q. How can I clone accounts receivable/payable/payroll information?
A. Create a new folder, and at the CLONING option answer Yes to A/R, A/P and Payroll.
Q. How do I cancel an unwanted report?
A. To cancel print jobs go to "Start", "Settings", "Printers" and cancel your unwanted print job in windows.
Q. Does BLA include a backup function?
A. Secure Cloud Backup and Restore for your data is included in BLA2018
Q. What Windows Versions does BLA work on?.
A. Compatible Windows Versions XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. If you are running BLA2018 in a network/multi user environment, you MUST purchase additional Licenses.
Q. My reports look fine on the screen but missing info when printed.
A. Your printer driver is outdated. Contact your printer manufacturer and obtain their latest print driver for your printer. most printer manufacturers have web sites to download these drivers.

For Hewlett Packard try:
For Epson try: