Credit Card Software

Credit Card Authorization software integration with your Bottom Line Accounting POS "Point-of-Sale Module"

For Retail Stores using the old fashioned credit card terminals:

  • No more need for separate credit card terminals to authorize credit cards.
  • No need to "Batch Out" each credit card terminal at the end of the night.
  • Swipe credit cards DIRECTLY on the Card Reader that an be attached to your Monitor when you are competing the sale.
  • No waiting minute(s) to get credit card authorizations.
  • Charge slips are printed right off the a Receipt printer eliminating credit card printers and paper, the same receipt printer can print your POS Sales Receipts too!
  • You no longer need separate credit card software and paying credit card software annual service fees.
  • No more batch-out "RB" errors which prevent you from closing your batch.
  • Debit cards no longer "over authorized" and tie up your customers checking balances. No more phone calls and explanations to customers who use debit cards.
  • Transactions approved Two to Forty time as fast as credit card software.
  • No need to exit your BLA software to settle your batch.

Pricing start at $699 call 407.355.0800 for details