Network Setup

Multi-Station Network Installation

If you have purchased multiple licenses for your Bottom Line Accounting Software, please Install the program on each workstation including the Server. Supported Windows OS versions are: Windows 8, Windows 7, and XP. To order additional licenses please call 407.355.0800

We have found that network operations are most reliable when using the "Professional" release as the operating system.

NOTICE: We strongly recommend, that unless you are an advanced Windows user and understand totally this operating system software, you accept all defaults as suggested during installation (i.e., accept the default drives and directories). Over 90% of tech support questions concerning installation problems come from arbitrarily changing defaults during the install process, and not reading this!

On the File Server, create a shared data folder with full access rights (The name does not matter. See your network software application for instructions for network setup.). Copy all files to this shared folder This discussion assumes that you will share this folder as the N:\ drive and map to it as the N:\ drive on all the workstations AND THE FILE SERVER (the machine the data is physically stored on).

On ALL workstations as well as the file server and change the path in the BDEAdmin program to N:\ in the "Drivers" tab under NET DIR (see below).

Setting the BDEAdmin Net Directory

On each workstation, after installation is complete and while running Windows, select the "BDEAdmin" icon from Control Panel. Follow the next steps:

Note: The following instruction assumes you selected the default install directory of C:\Program Files\Bottom Line Accounting. If you install the program into a different directory, change directories as applicable.
  1. Double click on the BDEAdmin icon to run it.
  2. Click on the "Configuration" tab.
  3. Next in the Configuration box click on:
  4. "Configuration", "Drivers", "Native", "PARADOX" respectively.
  5. Select "PARADOX" in the Driver Name: box.
  6. From the Definition tab (right side), click on "NET DIR".
  7. Enter the path to the data files ["N:\"] in this field.
  8. Now click on: "Configuration", "System", "INIT" respectively. The following screen will be displayed:
  10. Next click on the "Databases" tab on the upper left.
  11. Select "Object" from top left of screen.
  12. Select "Exit".
  13. Select "Yes" on the save changes box prompt.

Support Contact Numbers:

Monday - Friday       8-5pm EST

Fax: 407-355-0828